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OST IoT Realpolitik: Smart Data with immediate impact in Operational Excellence

Predictive Maintenance 4.0

Predictive Maintenance 4.0 (PdM 4.0) is widely recognised as a potential improvement over the current maintenance practices. 

Uptime, costs, lift-time, risks and performance are typical areas of optimisation to plan for PdM 4.0.

Availability of data, budget, culture and data security have been identified as the most critical success factors in PdM 4.0 implementation.

ABB Innovation Finalist 2019

IoT Smart Data Solutions

We provide leading edge IoT Smart Data solutions for Predictive Maintenance 4.0 in heavy industry.

Our solutions process data gradually in a structured and deterministic manner. Therefore, we grant for immediate, strong and robust predictive analytics results leading to short term CAPEX and OPEX reduction.

Our solution consists of a wireless sensing system able to collect data cost effectively and a cloud platform able to process it with built-in predictive algorithms.

IoT Smart Data for You

Our solution is applicable to asset-intensive industries, such as power generation, chemicals, pulp and paper, mining and oil and gas. Our large pallet of pilots and proof of concepts demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach. 

Our combined expertise in system engineering, sensor technologies and smart data approach has been recognised by one of the leading Swiss universities, IMD as having true potential to unlock PdM.  

Our Products

Our unique wireless synchronised sensor systems can be used for independent data acquisition or as a complement to an existing system without intrusion.

Lyra sensor systems are applicable in heavy industrial environments and designed to become an essential component of an effective 5G digitalisation strategey.   

MoonStone is a data collection and processing platform that can be interfaced to third party PdM systems or to VEGAImperium, our unique predictive monitoring solution.

The platform is cloud-based and is used to remotely configure the LYRA wireless sensing system, upgrade the firmware and collect data.

The platform is based on AWS and deploys the latest IoT micro services.

Predicting when, where and why an asset is going to fail and how much wasted energy is hidden in your system is our expertise. Vega is a data analytics platform designed for technical applications. 

By combining our deep knowledge of your sensor systems with our proprietary algorithm, we are able to reveal better and richer information from your data, and to develop your technical knowledge and expertise. 

This enables us to confidently detect incipient machine breakdowns before they take place or to track wasted energy.

Synchronised, Wireless Sensor Systems

OST has developed a unique wireless sensors system where multiple nodes can be customised to be activated synchronously and simultaneously capture data; transmitting it in either a raw form or processing it at the edge. LYRA sensor systems will be a core component of the next generation of 5G digitalisation. 

Smart Processing at the Edge

MoonStone is a system for Smart Processing with focused and immediate results. Our cloud platform collects data from LYRA and processes it using a predictive, unsupervised analytics technology. MoonStone can be fully interfaced into our predictive monitoring platform, VEGAimperium or to 3rd party systems such as ERP or CMMS.


VEGA Imperium is “all-inside”.
Easy to use cloud-based mobile applications, analytics and monitoring at the same time; designed for your operational condition intelligence. Our PdM analytics are designed for easy use by engineers without requiring deep data science expertise but delivering actionable results.


OST is integrated into an ecosystem of specialist companies that closely work together to deliver the full range of end to end IOT solutions.






Working with us means:

  • You are in the driver's seat of your digitalisation strategy
  • You have the full mastership of your data and its exploitation.
  • You transform your experience into assets and build a knowledge-based evolutive system

About us

  • Swiss-based company founded in October 2017
  • 90% owned by Indalyz AG.
  • Focus on O&M Operational Excellence;
  • Combined expertise in Data Analytics, Engineering and Integration (IoT)

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Our Team

Formed by industry experts, engineers and scientists, our team, partners and associates have the necessary know-how and experience to select and acquire better data from your systems. In so doing we feed our proprietary algorithms with only the most relevant input.

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Latest News

OST News

The Swiss Government Agency INNOSWISS (https://www.innosuisse.ch/inno/en/home.html) announced today that their Innovation Council has approved the application of OST AG, HEIG-Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud (www.heig-vd.ch/), ANDRITZ Group (www.andritz.com) and WIFX (www.wifx.net) with the title of ‘Impulse – Industrial wireless data collection sensor network for Predictive Maintenance 4.0’; awarding OST/HEIG/ANDRITZ/WIFX with a high six-digit CHF amount for their outstanding innovation, vision and work.

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