Anjam Butt

Board Member / CFO / Partner

Anjam has an experienced background in quantitative finance at investments banks such as Deutsche Bank/Dresdner/Schroeder Muenchmeyer Hengst. He has been CFO to natural resource and technology companies and holds a B.Sc in Engineering & M.Sc in Finance from Imperial College, London.


Optimised Systems Technologies AG


Riedstrasse 7

6330 Cham, Switzerland.

Boulevard de Pérolles 7 , 3rd Floor,

CH 1700, Fribourg, Switzerland.

+41 41 743 0728
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Optimised System Technologies (Portugal) Lda.

Rua Dr. A Candido 10-2.andar,

1050-076 Lisboa, Portugal

Giani Maria Philipp
Operations Director

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